Alba Ecstasy
13 May 2013

Alba Ecstasy – Berlin School of Electronic music, ambient, chill out, progressive rock, space rock, experimental drone music, soundtracks (theater plays and independent films, commercials). Continue reading

2 April 2013

Nord – progressive rock, space rock, electronic pop, symphonic electronica, Berlin School of Electronic Music, fusion electronica Continue reading

Andreas Meyer
1 February 2012

With his debut album – Elektronische Erinnerungen – Andreas Meyer enter into the magic Universe of the Berlin School of Electronic Music. Continue reading

12 January 2012

Quantical is a project of the Romanian artist Drinceanu Adrian, born with the need of creating. Adrian started to express his creative urge by drawing portraits and surreal landscapes and later became a Graphic Designer. Although he was into visual arts, music was always his passion. After 7 years of experimenting with music, he released his first album in 2014 called Origins. With Origins, Quantical approached the EDM style, but we’re sure he will amaze us in the future with a completely different idea of EDM. Continue reading

31 December 2011

Electronic music studio recording: Moog, Nord Lead, Korg, Roland, Doepfer, Arturia, Virus, Prophet, Blofepd, Pulse 2, Monicon, modular, Quasimidi, Continue reading