“Again, this is another fantastic musical journey from Sylvain Carel who is a master of the Middle-East soundscapes”

1 Last Song for a Vestal 6:18
2 Gladiator’s Arena 5:57
3 Conquest for the Golden Fields 8:22
4 The Gates of Petra 6:09
5 Old Stones Memories 4:31
6 In the Court of the King 6:56
7 Here was the Pilgrim 7:25
8 Solar Priest 7:48
9 Exile 7:14
10 Jasmina Flower 5:09
11 Tribal Dance 7:19
Sylvain Carel Music (CD 73:12) ****
(Cinematographic, orchestral EM)

Sylvain was playing guit & keyboards with several progressive music bands when he was 18/22; in the meantime he was interested by the work of russian composers in the XIX century; plus Dvorak, Ravel, G.Holtz, C.Orff..
He used to listen film music too, movie soundtracks, and landscape evocative music.He discovered (with some delays..) some stunning bands as V.D.G.Generator (fantastic Pawn Hearts), K.Crimson, Amon Duül, Neu!,T.Dream, Vangelis (China!), Massive Attack, Dead Can Dance..
After puting new strings on his old Stratocaster – always beside him – he bought new synths and tools to compose and record musics for singers and producers, sometime worked with recording studios in Paris and around, during 4/5 years.Some of his instrumental musics were used for film or tv, via 2 publishing companies.
After this period, he took time to visit – several time during 4 years – North Africa, Red Sea, Middle East, India, Nepal ..very mystic, captiviting and magnetic countries.
Back home, he began to compose and record his own albums.
So, as it is said in musical reviewes, oriental atmospheres, underlying ethnic colors and flavours are of course obvious to listen his compositions